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  Over the years Bitwize has been constantly asked to tackle a few key tasks. In response to this, we have developed the following solutions to better serve our clients needs in a timely manner. All our "Solutions" are fully brandable and customizable to fit your unique needs. Contact us for more information on any of our solutions.

Evolved from years of experience of working with clients, the Bitwize CMS stands as our most powerful, widely used tool today. Every Site has copy of some kind that must be updated! Would you rather call us for every little update or just log-in to your secure "back-end" site and update it yourself? Some of the Bitwize CMS features are listed below.
 Microsoft word style WYSIWYG Content Editor vCategories (allows for orginization in large sites)
 Pending updates (Allows many people to submit changes that are then made live by another user)
 Secure log-in (only verified people are about to see the back-end)
Does your business have many clients that could gain from having their own website? With Synthesite that becomes a reality. Bitwizes' Synthesite takes the Content Management System, throws in a collection of professionally designed website templates and allows users to create, edit and maintain their own website. With Synthesite your company could:

 Add value to your services
 Increase traffic to your website
 See additional revenue generated from clients sites
 Build a network of related sites

Some of the key features of the Bitwize Sythasite solution are:

 Integrated domain name registration
 Bi-lingual website support
 Customizable template system
 Professionally designed templates to fit your needs
 Customizable form pages
 100% web-based management - edit your site from just about anywhere.
 WYSIWYG content editor
 User signup system
 Secure login

One of the most challenging parts of our job is the creation of a design. Many clients have difficulty putting into words what they're looking for, if they even know in the first place. You could then imagine how hard it is for a designer to come up with something that the client will like. In comes Template Monster. We have partnered with Templatemonster.com for 2 main reasons. Firstly, it always helps to browse through templates in order to define the style and feel that you're looking for. Secondly, if you absoletely fall in love with a template on Template Monster we offer a 10% discount from their price and we jump into development of your site with a running start! Please feel free to browse through the templates below and contact us when you're ready to get your site up and rolling.

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