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  At Bitwize we believe that doing it right the first time is the only way to get things done.  As far as websites go, this is no easy task as all good websites need to constantly evolve with fresh content and other updates.  To tackle this hurdle for our clients we have developed Content Management Systems (CMS) which allow you, the website owner to update the site as you need.  The second part of our philosophy is to dilegently look for ways to automate everyday tasks in order for our clients to spend more time on growing their business rather than just keeping it running.  The need for a "program" arises when a task must be done repeatedly.  By automating those monotonous tasks with our technologies out clients are that much closer to success.  We measure our success not only by how well your site produces for you but also by how much time and money you save by not coming back to us for every little change.  Read more about CMS

Bitwize provides full service maintenance, which enables our clients to update their sites on a regular basis, without the normally exorbitant cost of doing so. This philosophy of constant evolution in a web site promotes a motivational atmosphere in which both Bitwize, and the client team up to assure that the production is up to date, and income producing.

Contact us for more information on any of our services.

When it comes to design Bitwize offers a full spectrum of solutions. Whether you're looking for a custom site built around your corporate identity or a personal site to show your pictures to friends and family we will work with you to create a design that is professional, attractive and optimized to load as quickly as possible. At Bitwize we take pride in our work and pay attention to detail on every aspect of your site.

Through our experience we have come to find that the design is the most time consuming part of developing a website. To answer this bottleneck we have partnered with Template Monster. Tempalte Monster has thousands or professionally designed website templates which we offer at a 10% discount. Unless you're absolutely set on a custom designed site we typically direct you to the Template Monster site to either choose a template or give us ideas as to what styles you would like to see on your site. That way we get working on your site with a running start and work on the details that make it functional.

Bitwize offers a full range of design services including web design, graphic design, logos, business cards, letterhead, flyers, animation and 3D rendered images.

Bitwize is an integrated single-source web development firm. With one phone call you get a team of highly-skilled experts with a business-driven common-sense approach.

Our professional team of developers can handle just about any application thrown at them. We do our best to live by the moto, "If you can dream it, we can build it". Our primary focus is on Microsofts ASP.NET which gives us a huge tool set that enables us to get your site up and running with all the bells and whistles in the shortest amount of time possible. We have an in house staff as well as designers and developers contracted with us throughout the United States that provide the needed expertise in all areas of development to make your project a reality. This allows us to use only the "cream of the crop" to develop your project at the best pricing available.

Truth be known, most websites do little to help their company's bottomline. Not because the web is an unfertile marketplace, but because most websites are lacking key components. Proper application of:
  • Web Best Practices
  • Strategic Creative
  • Effective Copy
  • Technical Innovation
  • Savvy Marketing
  • Sound Business Theory
is what separates typical websites from performance-driven producers. This is what separates a Bitwize website from the rest.

Programming and Scripting languages used:
  • ASP.NET c#
  • .NET c# Windows Applications
  • ASP 3.0
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • HTML
  • VBScript
  • PHP
  • XML
  • C/C++ (MS Visual Studio / Borland Builder)
  • and more!

Website maintenance is the most often over looked part of development. Bitwize keeps this in mind from the start building websites that are easily updated. Most of the sites we build have seperate secure administration sections where you can log-in and make updates to your site through our Content Management System (CMS).

If you currently have a website we offer consulting services that measure the success of your site and find places where it could be improved. Often times, a few changes here and there can bring your site up to date and get your clients making positive comments about your site.

Bitwize Maintenance Plans give you the flexibility to add on to your existing site and the peace of mind that you have a professional developer on call 24/7 should anything need to be done. Coupled with our Content Management System (CMS) Bitwize offers the end all solution to keeping your site up to date and fresh.

Most website and business application are driven by some sort of database on the back-end. Bitwize developers have extensive experience with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Access. What does this mean to you? Experience is king when it comes to database design and development. Imagine your website being launched, then you notice that you need a few more fields on your signup form. A properly designed database should be able to handle these changes gracefully and quickly. An inproperly designed database will often lead to many changes potentially affecting a lot of code costing you time and money.

Often times your data is a fundamental part of your business. Bitwize realizes this and makes sure that you data is secure and backed up on a regular basis. Any sensitive data like credit card numbers is encrypted in the database so only you can see the information.

Flash animation is not for every web site, but for customers with faster Internet connections the razzle dazzle can be very impressive. We will help you in determining if Flash is in the best interests of your customers. We can also implement different degrees of Flash animation such as, full Flash sites, partial or minimal animation.

If you are looking for a Flash presentation, streaming video, intro page, navigation or an entire flash driven web site, we can turn your dream into a reality. We use state of the art equipment and the latest version software to develop your graphics and website.

Shopping on the Internet is fast becoming a way of life for many people. Instead of fighting crowds and traffic, many people just fire up the computer and surf the net to find their bargains. The only inconvenience involved is waiting for the product to be shipped to them. But in most cases their package can be shipped overnight and arrive at their door the next day.

So whether you are upgrading an existing online store, wanting to open a new store or are expanding your established store and making your products available online, Bitwize Site Solutions can provide everything needed to get your business online and selling your products, FAST!

We offer numerous solutions that help you accept online payments from your customers including Paypal, Authorize.net, linkpoint, Cardservice International Merchant accounts and more.

Your store will enevitably need some sort of shopping cart system built into it. Bitwize has worked with low cost, off the shelf solutions as well as custom shopping carts. What ever your need is we will work with you to find a solution for your online store front that will make your customers feel confident and secure about purchasing from you.

Bitwize has partnered with Ultima Hosts to provide our clients with the most reliable and afforable packages around. Ultima offers a broad range of hosting options that can be customized to fit your needs.
Contact us for a customized plan and price!

 Every great business starts with an idea or dream just like every good website starts with a good domain name.  In order to give our clients the power and piece of mind that their domain names are secure, afforable and offer all the services a good registrar should offer Bitwize has teamed up with register.com to bring you up to the starting line quickly and keep pace with all your changing needs throughout the life of your website. 

Get rid of that old Hotmail or Yahoo or whoever.com email address and get your own name @ your domain. Bitwize offers 2 solutions to your email needs. We offer POP3 & WEBMAIL email accounts through Register.com which come in packs of 10 email boxes at $45 a year, or we can put together a custom account with the following services available: Postini.com, the #1 rated junk mail and anti-virus filtering, Exchange Server 2003: Includes free Outlook 2003, shared calendar, free/busy scheduling, SmartPhone mobile access, shared contacts and calendars. 100 MB.
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