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So your site is done. We've gone through all the initial meetings, worked out a design that fits your taste and added all the bells and whistles that you wanted. What now? At Bitwize we firmly believe that a site that gets left un-touched in it's "finished state" also lacks return visitors. So how do you keep your site up-to-date and fresh?

Bitwize Maintenance Plans give you the flexibility to add on to your existing site and the peace of mind that you have a professional developer on call 24/7 should anything need to be done. Coupled with our Content Management System (CMS) Bitwize offers the end all solution to keeping your site up to date and fresh.

Already have a site? Bitwize specializes in Website Makeovers. We take your existing site, work with you to decide what you want to keep and what needs to be updated. From there we develop the new site behind the scenes. When you sign off on the new version we seamlessly put the new site up in place of the old. In our experience, just about every site should under go some sort of makeover every 1-2 years. When your site is feeling old and no longer standing out from the rest, come to the best in site makeovers. Bitwize, managing your web presence bit by bit.
National Detail Systems, Inc


National Detail Systems came to Bitwize as a well established company providing a complete line of products and training for mobile detailing. Bitwize took a badly outdated design and brought it up-to-date while keeping the clients tight budget in mind. Bitwize continues to consult and maintain various aspects of the website and business.
 Site Design / Content conversion
 Search Engine Optimization
 Shopping cart
 Amazon Store
 Ebay Store
Mi Casa


Mi Casa is a franchise-based monthly real estate publication targeting the Latino community. As their publication became more popular they found their growth potential was limited due to the high cost of the personnel necessary to operate on a daily basis. We were contracted to help them streamline their daily operations by automating several specific tasks within the company. The project includes the following functionality:
 Nationwide Housing/Rental/Agent/Lender Search System
 Content Management System
 Email Campaign Management System
 Customer Relationship Management System
 Billing/Accounting System
 User Management System
 Magazine Publication Administration System
 Advertisement Administration System
 Template-Based Website Builder
Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine


Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine is run by a small company in Santa Barbara. Noticing a steady increase in their magazine’s popularity in the community, the editor decided they needed a website which could be updated with a minimum of hassle or technical experience. The project is an entirely Content Managed website which supports an editor/publisher hierarchy, essentially not allowing changes to content not to be published to the site until after the publisher logs in and approves the changes. Additional modules have been requested and are being planned and implemented periodically throughout the first quarter of 2005. These modules include:
 Email Campaign Management System
 Support for multiple email lists
 Tracks when emails are read and acted upon
 Multi-Lingual Article Management System
 User Management System
Hudson Insititute


The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara is group that teaches Executive Coaches to be more effective. Their project consisted of a complete conversion from a static HTML site to a database drived dynamic site. A Customixed Content Management System was built to handle the many different formats of data presented on the site. An Executive Coach Search Engine was built to not only allow prospective clients find coaches but also allow coaches to login and keep their information current. Since the conversion of the site the Hudson Institute has been able to maintain and update all the copy on their website without the need to contact us except for new features. Mission accomplished. Components Used:
 Content Management System
 User Management System
 Search Engine
RealtyTech IDX123 MLS Search


RealtyTech provides realtors with custom websites that are integrated with their proprietary IDX (Internet Data Exchange). The IDX is where they needed help, they were paying several different MLS (Multiple Listing Service) companies for data-streams of the listings in each MLS. The problem was that none of the data-streams were the same, making aggregating the information a difficult task. They needed a solution that would normalize the data-streams as they came in and store them in searchable database.
 Although RealtyTech is not a Bitwize Networks client, this project was managed and completed by our team while they were working for another firm.
 User Management System
 Search Engine
Cagle Cartoons


Daryl Cagle is a political cartoonist who started a website that acts both as a source of entertainment for its visitors and as a distribution point for his and other cartoonists’ work. Cartoonists go to the site and upload their cartoons, once uploaded they are converted to a few different resolutions (print, web, etc.) and posted on the site. Once on the site the cartoons can be viewed, and high-resolution copies can be purchased and downloaded.
 Although Cagle Cartoons is not a Bitwize Networks client, this project was managed and completed by our team while they were working for another firm.  Search Engine


www.flashforward2005.com FlashForward is a bi-annual conference put on by Lynda Weinman, founder of Lynda.com, company that trains people in technology. FlashForward is four days of everything you could possibly want to know about Flash, the Animation language/program used in many places on the internet. Each of their 4 day conferences has a multitude of speakers, presenters, teachers and sponsors giving talks, running demos, and instructing in a number of rooms simultaneously. Producing the event was becoming more and more complicated as it gained in popularity. An intranet system was developed to help coordinate the event, a few of it’s features include:
 A Mass Email System which can be used to contact the different groups of guests (Speakers, Sponsors, Confirmed Guests, Alumni)
 A Scheduling System which keeps track of every event in the conference, and the resources used to produce it so that resources cannot get double-booked.
 A User Management System which allows users to be placed into one or multiple groups. Making it possible to have one account that is both a speaker and a sponsor.
 A Content Management System, implementing the Editor/Publisher hierarchy.
 Although FlashForward is not a Bitwize Networks client, this project was managed and completed our team while they were working for another firm.

Towsurfer.com and The Association of Professional Towsurfers



Towsurfing is a unique sport in that very specific conditions must be met in order for it to happen, namely, 20+ foot waves. Towsurfer.com has developed a cult following in the sport and is used to publish information to the community, provide a storefront for the specialized gear the athletes require, and archive the news about the sport. All the while, providing an open forum for discussion and collaboration between the insiders in the community. Features of this project include:
 Content Management System
 Shopping Cart
 Search Engine
 Discussion Forum
 News Article Management System
Bixby Ranch Company


Among other things, the Bixby Ranch Company owns the Cojo Ranch, which is comprised of the 25,000 Acres of land which surround Point Conception, in Central California. The company is consistently approached by film scouts interested in scouting the ranch to asses the possibility of shooting there. They needed a strictly informational site with a brief history of the ranch and a gallery of photos of the ranch. Since launching the site, they have experienced a decrease in the number of non-productive meetings with scouts and an increase in the number contacts by scouts.
Labrador Pictures (Dave Barry’s Complete Guide To Guys)


The G2G project was a bit different than most because of the time constraints. Labrador was about to wrap up shooting and didn’t have an online presence to help promote their movie. They were also concerned with copyright issues, since they wanted to post promotional pictures and videos for the public to see, but not copy re-distribute. To address these issues, a custom image view and a dynamic video player were developed in Flash for the site.
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